Top 3 Common Problems of Women’s Health

Women’s health is found consequently changing. They are to face with a number of problems; it should not be mentioned as the disease, it may be told as natural changing of women’s health. There are various problems which are to be faced by women. These problems are given below in detail.

Girls Seasonal or Menses

Every month, the natural change of uterus cycle of matured girl is found due to the hormone. At the same time, blood comes out in a vagina. This system is generally called girl’s menses or periods.

It consists of three parts_ 1st part which is called Minstrel Fess lasts for 4 days (4-7 days), the 2nd part which is named Pralipharetibha Fess lasts for 10 days (8-10 days), and finally the 3rd part, Secretary Fess lasts for 14 days (10-14 days).

Blood comes out in the vagina while Minstrel Fess is found. In the 4-7 days lasted period, there are found white cells, cervical mucous, bacteria, plajamina, prostaglandin and unfertilized eggs besides broken blood cell.

Pralipharetibha Fess may last for 8-10 days. It happens only for estrogen hormone. In this period, the vagina becomes ready to take unfertilized eggs.

Secretary Fess is the longest period of 10-14 days. It is called progesterone fess. It may happen due to both estrogen and progesterone hormone. In this period, the vagina is found prepared for increasing unfertilized eggs.

Vagina then returns to the Minstrel Fess if the ovary is filled with eggs sperm. In this way, the menses of matured girl’s cycle is continued.

Girl’s over sized Breast

Sometimes, the breast may be found large at the young age or teen age. Many women may face this problem while becoming pregnant for the first time. Girl’s breast adulthood and increasing process start at the teen age period due to Oestrogen hormone. If any girl has the unusual altered sensitivity to Oestrogen, she may face with this problem. In this case, the breast is found so large that it seems a shameful to move. It may be a cause of uncomfortable for a woman. So the proper treatment should immediately be taken. You may find the better result by taking antioestrogen medicine. If you get no benefits, you have to take operation named ‘Reduction Mammoplasty’ for the permanent relief.

Breast Cancer

The main cause of middle-aged women’s death in the developed world is breast cancer. This rate is also critical in the backward world. One of every 12 women in the UK is affected by breast cancer. This cancer may not be found in these women who are under the age of 20. The possibility of attacking males is too rare (.5%). In a research, it is found that food habit is mostly related to breast cancer. Generally, the women of Western Countries take heavy alcohol, which is responsible for cancer. On the contrary, the women from Japan, being developed, are mostly free from the disease of their standard food habit.

Breast Cancer

Again it is found that the woman who feeds her breast to her child regularly, she has to have no worry about this problem. At the same time, the woman who takes a few children or her menses has been started lately and closed very early, is free from the tension.

On the other hand, who takes no child or becomes obese after menopause, the affecting rate is found high to the woman.

It is noted that there is no proper effective medicine which may bring full relief from the disease. But if the various modality treatments are continued at the same time, the disease may be controlled. You can also see best effective Brest cancer video tutorial tips.

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