Effective Way to treat Herpes

At present age, medical science has made many developments and is trying to cure all types of diseases. This has helped mankind and death rate has decreased a lot. There are several diseases which are still cannot be cured but there are treatments for such diseases which help to stop them from increasing. One of such disease is Herpes; this is a kind of disease which causes blisters filled with water on the lips, mouth and genitals, these types of blisters are similar to a sore throat and fever blisters.

So it is kind of difficult to differentiate between them, Herpes is a viral disease which means that it spreads from one person to another, it is caused by a virus which is known as Herpes Simplex Virus and once someone carries these germs that cannot be cured for a lifetime. Basically, this disease is categorised into two types which are HSV-1 and HSV-2. Both of the types are serious and cause this infection in the body. The first type of herpes is known for the blisters on the mouth and lips and second type of herpes infect the genitals.

If these blisters break and its water are plopped on someone near to you then that person will also be this germ carrier. This virus creates several disorders among the body like hands, eyes, brain, lips, mouth, and genitals. Now medical companies are making medicines stop this virus from increasing in the body but that does not mean that it will cure it as well. The person will remain germ carrier throughout his life. Now there are many kinds of drugs available in the market for this purpose.

If it’s the early stage of the disease then there is a pill in the market which will stop it from increasing anymore, this tablet is known as Famciclovir. Another tablet is Acyclovir; this is the best drug for the patients of herpes and HIV carriers, it is being used for a long time and it rarely shows any kind of side effect. Similarly, there are several Vaccines for this purpose as well, but it depends on the doctor that what he suggests you for this.

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